Friday, May 8, 2009

Upping and leaving

I've decided that I no longer have much reason to use this blog, particularly as all my political pieces are at The Commune. The title is also rather inappropriate given my drift away from Trotskyism...

I thought I'd set up a different blog here. Obviously one person having more than one blog is mad, but I'll leave all the old stuff at this one and not delete it.

I wanted to have a space for my more asinine musings on ‘popular culture’ and sectariana (i.e. the popular culture of some terrifying dystopia where the British left is important or powerful).

Furthermore, one of my main ambitions is to feature lots of crudely ‘Marxist’ cultural reviews, in the style of Monkey Smashes Heaven and the now defunct Maoist Internationalist Movement, such as “The Jokers of the world will never destroy the system. Only communist revolution will destroy Batman and the system he represents once and for all.”

The new site will also feature a lot of gossip about the far left; YouTube videos of 80s pop hits; and reports on trips to Wetherspoons.


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